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Tap Movies brings the best of Hollywood to movie lovers of all ages, showcasing current Blockbuster releases as well as Award Winning Movies The channel features mainstream movies of various genres, from Suspense Thrillers, Dramas, to Rom Coms and Musicals!

Tap Action Flix Logo Oct..png

Tap Action Flix is a channel about movie stars and the film franchises in the action genre that capture the loyal attention and interest of the Filipino audience. The roster of action stars featured on the channel are familiar names to local fans, such as Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Segal, and many more.


Presents a whole new world of entertainment beyond Hollywood. An exclusive array of choices to fascinate and engage, with an exquisite palette which is intriguingly different but refreshing entertaining.

2) Cinemachi Max (blue bg as per om).png


Cinemachi MAX takes the viewers out of the gray reality 

to give them a life of excitement. Truly the best and most spellbinding  stories that captivate the viewer!

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